Website Tasks

Completion date for the tasks below is Wednesday 30th August
Actions –
1 Rob, please update me on progress with back end work asap.
2 Integration – double check the free e book is being fired from Mailchimp – [Rob]
Check enquiries made from the site are kicking out emails to Sue. [Matt]
Check the Contact Us buttons are sending information to Sue [Matt]
3 Load additional Testimonials/Success Stories – [Matt]
4 Rewrite copy in Blue and Yellow Banners [Alf]
5 Upload new copy to Blue and yellow Banners [Matt]
6 Editing, proof reading and reducing new copy for Media and Crisis Pages [Alf]
7 Uploading new copy to Media and Crisis pages [Rob]
8 Rewrite Discovery Session copy [Alf]
9 Upload Discovery Session copy [Matt]

Please update me on your progress as you complete the tasks.

Thank you,

19th August 2019