How media training for health professionals is a must for anybody facing media scrutiny in the health industry.

“You got under my skin, I became angry, and I didn’t know how to respond!”

That is how one health professional said she felt during media training yesterday.

Imagine for one minute that you appear in front of a Commons Select Committee. Do you recall how Amber Rudd, former Home Secretary squirmed and looked uncomfortable? Well, yesterday 7 top health professionals were put through their paces in preparation for Scrutiny Meetings with their local authority.

What is a scrutiny meeting?

Scrutiny Meetings now use technology to screen proceedings live as a webcast. Meaning, it’s like being a guest in a live TV studio. The media can use your words or images to write a news story!

Health professionals have one significant obstacle to overcome – recognising why they need media training. As smart, articulate GPs, they are good with words. That is not the same as being media savvy

Three quick tips to prepare for a scrutiny meeting:

  1. Prepare your presentation as if you are giving a TV interview. In other words, focus on robust substantive evidence and speak with passion.
  2. Prepare three or four critical messages, and as you reply to questions weave in your points.

  3. Drop technical language.  Speak in everyday language.

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