In times of media crisis can you trust your legal counsel?

Now you are about to yell, “Of course.” And so you should, however, consider this point of view.

Your legal expert has a blind spot, and it could cost you your reputation.

Let me explain.

Bill Clinton’s legacy is tarnished because of the Monica Lewinsky affair. But here’s the real juicy bit of that story.

No, not that bit, the media bit. Come on focus!

The former President had to reject legal advice before he stood up to fight to regain his “credibility”. Until Bill Clinton made his famous statement – “I did not have sex with…” he was on the ropes.

His legal experts told him to stay quiet. The media battered Clinton every day. He was on the slippery slope to impeachment.

You need your legal team, and you should listen to them. However, at times of crisis, their risk-averse nature and cautious thinking could put you at odds with a bigger foe.

The court of Human Law must be a part of your strategic plans In this house sits your reputation and the perception of the average thinking person. Ignore this audience at your peril.

Defy the court of Human Law as Theresa May did during Grenfell and the results are not pretty. United Airlines defied the court of Human Law, and it cost them millions of dollars.

When companies focus on the court of Human Law, they tell better stories. They connect with their customers, investors and staff by showing human compassion. Their stories touch people’s hearts because they are heartfelt and believable.

If leaders ignore the court of Human Law, they are seen as cold, aloof and arrogant. [Thomas Cook]

Your legal experts are meant to be cautious, that is their job. However, as a leader, always consider the consequences of failing to communicate to the court of Human Law.

There is a human dynamic to every story. Find it, tell it and speak it with vulnerability. Of course, you must know how to say your message without admitting liability. That is where expert training and guidance is essential.

However, speaking to the court of Human Law is a sure fire way to enhance your brand.


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