Welcome to our blog on Crisis Communications.

Today, I want to share a few beliefs at the core of our teaching.

First, when a crisis erupts, there is always a message you can give.

Second, silence during a crisis is not a valid strategy. People interpret silence as a refusal to accept responsibility for handling the issue.

The truth is no company likes to talk about crisis…until it’s too late. One minute your business is ticking over. Customers are happy, and your order book is overflowing. Then…boom in a split second your world changes.

Ask United Airlines in 2017. Commentators say the crisis cost United around $1bn. A cyber hacker led to Talk Talk receiving a £400,000 fine in 2016. And in March 2018, KFC’s “Missing Chicken” saga led to seven days of business disruption.

In this blog, you’ll gain information to keep you crisis ready. That means you’re prepared to pounce to say words that protect your brand. You will speak words that project strength and show leadership in your sector.

In the blog, we will talk you through the fundamentals of crisis communications. Including –

Why you must get out and talk
Why every crisis is about your stakeholders
How to structure messages to protect your brand
Why words must have empathy and compassion

Every piece of knowledge you read comes from three sources.

Real life journalistic experience
20 years coaching senior executives
In-depth study of top crisis consultants

We look forward to supporting you over the months and years ahead.


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