If a crisis hit your business today are your top leaders ready to respond? Is your crisis communication plan ready?!

If you said YES, how do you know?

How your people communicate in a crisis will enhance or damage your reputation.

When the “missing chickens” story catapulted KFC into national news what did you do to refine your crisis communications? 

You might have done what average companies do – another desktop exercise, and that’s it. So let me ask you, is your business really crisis ready?

How we help prepare companies for a crisis: crisis communication training, a case study

Last week we had the honour of supporting a chemical company in crisis communications.  A few months ago this same company ran a desktop crisis exercise. In it, they found a chasm in their crisis plan. No one knew how to tell the story through the media of how they’re handling the issue.

Let me say that again – no member of the senior management team felt competent or comfortable speaking in the media. During the exercise, they all rejected or avoided making any media comment.

Nobody in business wants to focus on crisis communications. It’s a dirty word and, we all think crises happen to other people! At least that is what research suggests most business people assume. Leaders think their business is too big or their team is too smart. Or, “we’ve already done that training, and we don’t need to do it again”!

At best it’s a naive assumption, and at worst it’s negligent. 

Crisis Communication. Crisis can spread around the world – quickly!

In today’s interconnected world, crises fly around the globe in seconds. Have you heard about the crisis in Papa John’s in America? The founder and his new chosen CEO have fallen out. It’s a public spat, and their shares have plunged 50% in the last week!

Personality problems can be expensive!

If you and your leaders don’t know the basics of crisis communication how can you protect and secure your business? 

It’s no good bleating that a journalist asked you the wrong question.

It’s your business. Your reputation and those people are your customers.

Don’t you owe it to them and your staff to be crisis-ready?

How we can help you be ready for a crisis

Our crisis communication training programme is industry leading in it’s delivery, it’s content and it’s results. If you aren’t sure how we can help you, please feel free to contact us or see more in our Case Studies page where you will find several real-life accounts from our delighted customers!

I hope to hear from you soon!