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Any business leader or CEO can speak in the media. But not every industry leader will master it.

It takes three elements – transformation, mastering fundamentals plus proven coaching with a reputation for simple yet powerful teaching.

Together, these elements bring fast results. And executives shift their mindset turning them from hesitant to rock-steady and confident

Companies choose us for three reasons

1. They get consistent results, first time every time

2. They get a brilliant learning experience

3. They gain a trusted partner dedicated to serve and support them in a long-term relationship

Your people will learn three things

1. How to stay on message

2. How to get positive media coverage

3. How to speak the quotes you want to see or read in the media

If your spokespeople CAN’T do those three things, talk to us.

Let us help you.

Alford Grant

Owner/Chief Coach,
Former BBC Journalist,
BA Hons/PG Dip

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The most potent media spokespeople are the best students. Resilient media communicators develop their skills through regular coaching.

High-Value Transformational Coaching

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Our Promise to You

You’re here today searching for a media training solution.

Something’s not working so you want to fix it.

We have a solution. It is time-tested and proven, and it will grow your leaders’ media skills fast.

After coaching thousands of business executives over the last two decades we know why leaders struggle or fail in the media – they focus on the wrong thing!

We’re going to shift your executive’s mindset into seeing media communication as a strategic opportunity.

Our Promise to You covers three areas.

Added value-training that inspires giving leaders education and skills to speak in the media successfully.

Guidance and instruction on five tiny yet powerful and precise steps that help leaders deliver strategic messages fast.

High-value coaching in a supportive learning environment helping leaders feel at ease and self-assured in the media.

Ready to take your project to the next level?

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Let's Work Together!

Empower your leaders through inspiring, straight-forward and honest coaching that nurtures their confidence.

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